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prompt: Ian teases Mickey for his looks or something like that

lggymilkovich answered:

there’s nothing to tease, Mickey’s perfect.

 That being said, here you go, anon! :)

„This look okay?“ Mickey stood in front of Ian who was still in bed, yawning extensively. He pushed himself up to his elbows and took a close look at his boyfriend.

„What are you dressing up for again?“ Mickey rolled his eyes and nervously ran a hand over his dressshirt in an attempt to straighten it.

„Fuck off, you know what for. Yevgenys school thing? Svetlana said that both parents have to be present. She will be disappointed if I don’t show up, she made that very clear.“ Ian nodded and shuddered, thinking back to the time a few years back when Mickeys wife had threatened him with a claw hammer. „I bet!“, he sighed and lay back down on the bed, deciding to get some more sleep before heading to work.

Mickey was left standing in the doorway, feeling stupid in his black suit, white dresshirt and dark red tie he had borrowed from Kev.

„So?“ He asked while lighting a cigarette. Ian opened his eyes again and looked at him, cluelessly.

„So what?“ Mickey rolled his eyes and quickly sucked on the glimmstängel in his hand, hoping that the nicotine would cool his nerves a bit. He wasn’t actually keen on going to his sons school and pretending to play family with Svetlana but it was his kindergarden graduation and when it came to their son, there was no arguing with her.

„The suit, fuckhead. How does it look?“ A smile spread on Ians face when he slowly looked the dark haired boy over.

He looked good, there was no doubt about it. The suit fit well, even though they’d bought it at the thrift store down the street. His face looked clean and he had shaved the scruff off his face for the special occassion.

„I like it. Very Men in Black.“ Mickey rolled his eyes and shrugged. „It’s only a couple of hours I’m hoping. You’ll meet us for lunch at the Alibi before work, yeah? He’s excited you’re coming.“ Ian smiled happily. It had taken quite a bit of time for Svetlana to warm up to the idea of having Ian as a permanent part of Yevgenys life, but Ian and the boy got along greatly and they loved spending time together. Eslecially now, that Svetlana had moved out of the Milkovich house and into her girlfriends flat, taking her son with her.

He nodded reassuringly and slowly got out of bed, stopping in front of his boyfriend. Mickey wrapped his arms around his bare torso and pecked a kiss onto his collarbone and Ian rested his head on Mickeys.

„Mm, you smell good. What is that?“

Suddenly, Ian took a step back, weirded out written all over his expression. He raised his hand to his chin and tried to examine the substance stuck to it.

„Is that… hair gel?“ Mickeys face fell, knowing exactly where the redheads mind was at and turned away, checking his hairstyle in the mirror.

„What if it is? My hair’s getting too long to just leave it hanging, because you won’t let me cut it. I figured it looked okay.“ Me shot Ian who was standing behind him a sheepish look. „Don’t you think?“

Ian crossed his arms in front of his body, grinning wildly. „No, it looks good.“ Mickey stayed still for another few seconds, until he realized that that was the only compliment he was going to get from Ian. He went on to collecting his wallets, and other things he wanted to bring while Ian yanked on a shirt and got back into bed.

„I’ve got one thing to say, though!“ Ian added while cuddling into Mickeys pillow. Mickey sighed. <i>Of course he did. </i> He checked his phone, suddenly realizing he was running a little late to pick up his family. „What?“ He shot his boyfriend an unnerved look and crossed his arms, waiting for what was surely not gonna be something serious.

„I think you’ve got a little hair in your gel!“ He pointed his finger towards Mickeys head and giggled at his own joke. Mickey wasn’t laughing. „What fucking ever. First thing I’m doing after this shit is getting a haircut. No more <i> But Mick I love your hair long</i> and all of that stupid shit.“ Ian pouted playfully and raised an eyebrow.

„If Svetlana gets her hand stuck in one of her rings again, just ask her to run her hand through your hair and she’ll be able to slip out of there in no time!“ Ian was full on laughing now and Mickeys pissed off face was the cherry on top of the sundae that was teasing Mickey about his new hairstyle.

„Yeah, alright. Real funny.“ Ian tried to calm down and wiped a tear from his eye. „Mick, you’ve got so much gel in your hair, they would throw you out of a <i>Grease</i> production.“

Mickey wasn’t laughing, but Ian was having the time of his life. The older boy scoffed angrily and left the room without another word.

„Come on, Mick. I’m just kidding it looks fine!“ Mickey didn’t care. He went to kitchen to finish his cup of coffee and sighed when he heard Ian approaching from behind him. Long, pale, freckled arms wrapped around him and he could feel the redhead resting his chin on his shoulder, placing little kisses on his neck.

„Don’t be mad, Mickey Mouse. I’m just teasing. You look great.“ Mickey rolled his eyes, his anger melting away with every touch of Ians lips against him.

„Can’t wait not to wear that shit anymore, later.“ Ian grabbed him by the hips and turned him around, grinding lightly against him.

„It’s gonna be fine, you’ll see. And when we get home later, we can not wear clothes together.“ Mickey smiled in anticipation and drew him in for a kiss. „I’ll take you up on that!“ Leaning back in for another kiss, when his phone started vibrating in his pocket.

„Shit gotta go. See you at dinner, Gallagher!“  


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prompt: drunk ian and mickey on a gallagher party being cute when everybody is watching

ianxmickey-together answered:

They probably could have been less obvious about it, and if Mickey was sober there was no way he’d be as cuddly as he was, but what did it matter now? Everyone knew about them anyway.

It was Mickey’s first Gallagher shindig, and he was hammered. The booze was flowing and it was like a bizarre alternate universe that he’d been thrown into. Milkovich parties like this usually involved someone getting into a fight and then arrested, sometimes not in that order. This time though it was just good old fashioned liquored up fun.

And he was actually comfortable being around them all, is that what that is? Comfort? Maybe, he didn’t know, and he didn’t care, because Ian had his hands wrapped around his hips and swayed them both side to side as the music blared. It was probably faster than it seemed because Mickey was just in a delirious good mood and everything was spinning in slow motion.

Ian’s hair had come unstuck from its brushed-back place, and it bounced around on his eyebrows, his wide eyes absolutely gleaming. Mickey knew his smile was just as stupid as Ian’s was, all teeth and no class, just pure feeling.

Mickey gave Ian a shove and he let go of his hips but slipped his hand down to weave their fingers together as he pulled him toward the couch. As he plunked down in the corner he dragged Mickey with him so their chests pressed together and they were giving each other their stupid smiles.

"You’re a fuckin’ idiot," Mickey laughed, biting down on his lip.

"So’re you, s’why we get along," Ian slurred and Mickey tangled their other hand together, watching the way Ian’s fingers fought to get the inside spot.

"You’re wasted," he cooed, leaning in close to Ian’s face as he did.

Ian laughed and shook his head, His nose brushing against the tip of Mickey’s as he grinned madly. “You like it.”

Mickey just accepted that inevitable fact and shrugged, leaning in with his lips to peck Ian on the mouth and then he returned the favour.

"Oh my God," Fiona said with a playful roll of her eyes. "Some people are trying to dwell on their miserable lives over here and the two of you are making it painfully impossible."

"Yeah, enough with the happy-happy, you make me sick with your happy," Kev said and they both just raised their eyes. "Jesus, fucking Gallaghers, stop being so damn happy."

"I ain’t a Gallagher," Mickey reminded him but Kev just scoffed.

"Yeah you are," Kev said. "They suck you in, borrow all your shit, next thing you know you’re one of ‘em, fucking Gallaghers."

"Ignore Kev, give him ten minutes and he’ll be tellin’ you how much he loves us Gallaghers," Fiona grinned and she and V laughed like maniacs.

"Hear that? You’re a fucking Gallagher now,” Ian grinned, his forehead resting against Mickey’s.

Mickey just laughed because as ridiculous as that idea was, it actually didn’t sound too bad. It made Mickey feel warm on the inside and sure, part of that was the booze but it was more than that. So much more.

Mickey was going to make a smart-ass comment about him being a Gallagher but he couldn’t quite think of anything quick enough. So he crashed his lips back into Ian’s and felt Ian’s fingers creep up and caress his jaw, still smiling under Mickey’s kiss.

So he could probably get used to being a Gallagher, not that he was ready to admit that yet. But for now it didn’t matter because all he could see was Ian, and that was the only thing he really cared about.


I mean it…


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This is inspired by this wonderful story:)

Notes: I came up with this, because of a story I read, where Ian accidently proposes to Mickey after sex. Also this is for casthebutler, because she’s really really great and amazing and incredibly supportive, Thank you so much!!!:) I hope you like this and it maybe cheers you up a bit:)


It had been four years since Mickey had come out, Ian had his first depressive phase and they’d become an official couple. Since then Ian had been to the hospital, had his medication sorted out and was doing pretty well. They were happier than ever, and even though their lives obviously still weren’t what society would consider “normal”, they were good and wouldn’t want to change anything about it. It was clear to both, that neither of them was planning to ever spend their life with anyone else but each other. They knew they’d always be together and Mickey couldn’t describe how amazing that made him feel. He still struggled with being open about his feelings and emotions, still felt a little insecure once in a while. But other than that he felt incredible. He was sure. He was sure of himself. Sure of Ian. Sure of his relationship with Ian and that they’d be together forever.

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I Just Want You To Know Who I Am


Chapter 6

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Mickey ran a hand through his hair and made his way back inside. What had that been? Why had Ian kissed him only to apologize for it? He just needed a drink and hoped for Ian to come around later to explain.

As he made his way to the bar he found Mandy to be there as well, talking to a guy who seemed vaguely familiar. He leaned against the bar next to Mandy and ordered a Jack Daniel’s. “You okay, Mickey?” Mandy asked and Mickey managed a smile and nodded.

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